Tuesday, 08 December 2020


A little, positive message from our local winegrowers and restaurants for the next weeks…

Restaurants and bars closed their doors, all major leisure and MICE-events were cancelled, the uncertainty when the market will get back to business-as-usual remains… If 2020 has been a rough year in general, it has been especially hard for the gastronomy and viticulture.

If we should detect one positive development of the pandemic time, it has at least enhanced the consciousness for a more local consumption. Winemakers as well as restaurateur claim that they could count on the loyalty of their consumers during the difficult times and to have gain new clients in a close perimeter. We hope and believe that the awareness for more local and thus more sustainable businesses will take a long-term impact on the consumer society. We want people to discover treasures one footstep away. Support your locals in times where they need you most, but also don’t forget in the future!

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