Trüffen aus dem Miselerland!

  Friday, 01 January 2021

Trüffen aus dem Miselerland!

From the blossom to the product - the way to the "Trüffen aus dem Miselerland"

Distillation is an exciting, stirring process. When the art of distillation is finally brought into harmony with the art of patisserie, a tasteful symbiosis of two culinary crafts is created.


The eau-de-vie of our distillers are a gift of nature. The local fruit growers’ respectful treatment of the plants and soils of the orchards sets the qualitative basis. The careful hand selection of the healthy fruits is essential to create a tasty and natural brandy.


Before distilling, the fruit is mashed in its own juice. Through the magical process of fermentation, sugar becomes alcohol, aromas are dissolved. The fruit reveals its deepest secrets. Through the mysterious process of distillation, the spirit drifts out of the mash. Soil, stalk and fruit are transformed into steam and melt into eau-de-vie (water of life) on their journey through the cooling vessels.


The ambitious distiller strives for the perfect eau-de-vie. As a master of his art he is his sharpest critic. With the help of the alcoholmeters the distiller adjusts the liquids until the perfect alcohol proportion is achieved. Measurements are always taken at the standard temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.


The ambitious distiller strives for product perfection not only in the distillate itself, but also in the packaging and design. The final product is the result of meticulous work with the greatest care and honest passion at every stage of creation.


The reward for the work of the distiller is the perfect eau-de-vie, fruit and terroir masterfully concentrated in the stylish glass.  As a master of his art he does not shy away from any connoisseur's judgement. A noble brandy is an exciting taste experience, a firework of sensual aromas, a journey through the dream world of pleasure


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