Saturday, 03 July 2021


3rd & 4th of July 2021!

The first cross-border offer around wine tourism!

Via mosel' would like to introduce itself to you with a grand opening weekend.
All along the Moselle, the Via mosel' wineries and villages have opened their doors and gates for you. In addition to wine tastings, a varied wine-architectural programme awaits you: exciting guided tours of buildings, talks with architects, stories from builders... Take a look at the Moselle Valley and experience it from a new perspective.

The international Moselle wine region presented a new and so far unique project in February.  The wine architecture project 'Via mosel' was launched as the first cross-border offer around wine tourism in the European Moselle Valley. This project, funded by the European Union (INTERREG), emerged from the cooperation of the Moselle wine regions in France, Luxembourg and Germany in the European Economic Interest Grouping 'Terroir Moselle'.
We look forward to working with the 60 wineries and 36 wine villages to present the historic and modern Moselle wine architecture in the Moselle region itself and beyond as a destination worth visiting.

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