Croisières Gourmandes

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 11:45 REMICH

Why not spend a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday on one of our luxurious restaurant or events ships? Spend memorable moments with friends or family. During a four hour cruise you can enjoy culinary highlights, in the form of a generous hot and cold buffet, with delicacies from land and sea, or a four course gourmet menu. Our gourmet cruises offer not only a perfect way for lovers to spend a romantic afternoon, but also an ideal setting for parties with friends and family. Passengers of all ages get the chance not only to admire the breathtakingly beautiful Moselle scenery, but also to observe the operation of the locks from close quarter.


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Adultes - inclus croisière, apéritif, amuse-bouche, buffet froid et chaud de terre et mer et dessert servi à table : 54.00 €
Adultes - inclus croisière, amuse-bouche, buffet froid et chaud de terre et mer, dessert servi à table et forfait boissons : 69.00 €
Enfants (5-11 ans) - inclus menu enfant : 29.00 €


T. 00352 75 84 89
T. 00352 75 84 89

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