Facettenreicher Palmberg (LU/DE)

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 10:00 AHN

Starting from the cultural center in Ahn, you will immediately walk on a part of the dream loop "Wine & Nature Path Palmberg" into the ravine forest along the Donverbach towards Niederdonven. Interesting facts about Luxembourg wines, but also about the local rock formations and some living as well as fossilized animal species await you on the way. Back you go through the natural, protected boxwood forest, after which the Palmberg (Pällem = box) is named, before a breathtaking view opens up into the Moselle valley. Here, an elegant, fresh Riesling, Crémant or grape juice may not be missing then of course!

-> not suitable for prams
Language: LU/DE
4 km
Difficulty: medium

general information


15 Rue de la Résistence | L-5401 AHN


0-2 J./ans/years : 0.00 €
3-12 J./ans/years : 6.00 €
> 12 J./ans/years : 12.00 €


T. +35226747874



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