Charmantes Bech-Kleinmacher

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 17:00 BECH-KLEINMACHER

Did you know that the small winegrowing village of Bech-Kleinmacher used to actually consist of 2 different villages? Learn more about the Romans, the wine, the big border river and a rare inhabitant who seems to feel very comfortable here on the Moselle... Finally, of course, an excellent drop of the region with a wonderful view over the Moselle valley awaits you!
2,5 km
Difficulty: easy-medium

general information


50 route du vin | L-5405 BECH-KLEINMACHER


Adult : 10.00 €
Child (< 13 years) : 6.00 €
Child (< 3 years) : 0.00 €


T. 2674787442

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