Natur pur & Weingenuss am Palmberg

Monday, 20 September 2021 09:30 AHN

Protected dry stone wall, a feature that is becoming more and more important!

A special feature of the Palmberg are the increasingly important and protected dry stone walls that have been built with not only an ecological but also an economic effect. More detailed explanations of the geological stratification, biodiversity and historical as well as cultural development of the Palmberg await you on this part of the dream loop “Wine & Nature Path Palmberg”!

-> not suitable for prams
5 km
Difficulty: medium

general information


15 Rue de la Résistence | L-5401 AHN


> 13 : 12.00 €
3-12 : 6.00 €
< 3 : 0.00 €


T. +35226747874

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