Square Relief.

Thursday, 28 October 2021 10:00 GREVENMACHER

A Linocut workshop designed to help you stimulate your own creativity and get inspired by the exciting world of relief printmaking. You will be provided with technical skills to improve your sense of layout, composition and cutting techniques and you´ll be pulling your prints on a traditional hand lever press. Over and above, there will be ample room for ideas and experimentation, with plenty of hands on and inky fingers.
Alexander Harry Morrison of himself:
I am a Scottish-born artist based in Trier, Germany working mainly in etching/drypoint, wood- and linocut printmaking. My work has been recently exhibited in Trier, Flensburg and Scotland. Art for me is not just about making things, I see it rather as a case of manipulating material to create meaning. A piece of art has the power to determine the way we see and think. Relief printmaking is as much about surface texture as about shape and composition. It has a flat, 2-dimensional aspect and although I mostly make drawing-based work I like to use it in this way - the pieces thus gaining an up-front and abstract element to them.
Language  DE + EN
Fee per course 55 EUR
Additional material costs depending on consumption
Max 4 participants
Min. age 16 years
1h. break
The general Corona measures of the Kulturhuef Musée apply.
Org. Kulturhuef

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