Saturday, 25 June 2022 MONDORF-LES-BAINS

Zaz returns with her fifth album in the fall of 2021. The first four having taken her around the world three times, it was time for the artist to put down her bags.

Here is a record that she initiated during the spring confinement of 2020. A forced but cherished solitude. An album painted with her heart, like so many paintings. Moreover, for this new album, Zaz worked with the Dutch director Reyn. Direct, personal and intimate texts, for an accomplished artist.
So, it is in this same spirit that Zaz is preparing her next album. A return to the essential to relive, during a concert, the evidence of a shared moment. A tour called quite naturally: Organique Tour. Spectators will once again be able to visit the universe and unique personality of the artist, discover new facets of his art, all his spells and fall under the spell of his greatest hits: Je veux, On ira, Éblouie par la nuit, Que vendra … and his latest hit Imagine.

Finaly, a rare show, energetic, positive and generous, which gives us a smile, “joy and good humor” and reminds us that it is good to see life in pink with Zaz.

Access restricted to individuals over the legal age. Proof of identity must be shown.

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Catégorie 1 : 69 €
Catégorie 2 : 55 €


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