Vineyards, lakes, fun and nature at the Moselle

Saturday, 06 August 2022

"Vakanz genéissen": a dining table with one hundred seats "travels" to six unusual places within the five tourist regions and the capital.

This weekend the table arrives next to the "Baggerweier" in the Moselle region, a particularly good spot to feast and enjoy at the long table d'hôtes.


Enjoying nature in the open air and listening to the sound of birdsong. Surrounded by idyllic vineyards, the Moselle region offers a magnificent setting for relaxing and enjoying life.


Opposite, in the "Haff Réimech" nature reserve 2000, the wealth of flora, fauna and birds guarantees an authentic nature experience of a very special kind. Regional specialties and, of course, fine Moselle wines, tickle the palate. The palate is tickled by regional specialties, fresh, seasonal and prepared on site by Joel Schaeffer (Bistro Quai) and, of course, good wines from the winemakers of the Luxembourg Moselle.


After the BBQ, a free guided tour of the Biodiversum Camille Gira nature conservation centre and the adjacent "Haff Réimech" nature reserve is proposed.


Musical entertainment on both evenings will be provided by Ethan Carey, a young singer and composer from the west of Ireland, and Ahmed Radwan, a young musician and composer from Egypt.


The venue is not accessible from the main entrance, but from the opposite side. (Entrance Caisse 2, Wäistrooss, Remerschen).



  • 12h00: Opening of the event & Appetizer
  • 12h45: Lunch is served
  • 15h00: Closing of the event


  • 19h15: Opening of the event & Appetizer
  • 20h15: Dinner is served
  • 23h00: Closing of the event


100 guests per time slot


  • the ticket (printed or online version)


  • Menu Barbecue
  • Menu Barbecue (children until 12 years)
  • Menu Evening
  • Menu Evening (children until 12 years)
  • Package- Drinks with alcohol
  • Package- No-alcoholic drinks


Parking spaces are limited. Possibility to book the Eventrider by Sales-Lentz shuttle bus for a round trip.


Musel genéissen

Discover the beautiful Luxembourg Moselle in advance during the week of 30 July to 7 August 2022! The campaign "Musel genéissen" invites you on a culinary journey to experience the tasteful delight of seasonal & local products prepared by the skilled chefs of the region. Info about all participating restaurants, their menus, opening hours and other highlights will be available here (Link:

general information


Erliefnis Baggerweier
Breicherwee | L-5441


Abendmenü : 82 €
Abendmenü (für Kinder bis 12 Jahre) : 41 €
Getränke mit Alkohol : 45 €


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