Guided Tour Gutenberg Revisited

This Sunday afternoon, let a qualified guide take you on a tour of the fascinating world of printing illustrated in the exhibition Gutenberg Revisited.

Stretching across two floors, the history of letterpress printing from the pre-Gutenberg period to the present day is presented in a clear and comprehensible manner. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the timeline with many new objects. You have the opportunity to print a souvenir on a historical hand press. In addition, a second hand press with a cute design invites our younger guests to try their hand at printing. Both designs change every month and the printed cards are free of charge.

Discover the new accompanying booklet "Gutenberg & Dieudonné for Kids" to the exhibitions with lots of fun puzzles, child-friendly information and playful learning activities, as well as a great backpack with little gadgets for kids (pencil, colours and exercise book labels).

Let the museum's motto "Print is alive" convince you.

Discover also the shop with its variety of original products!

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