The world of Luxembourgish wines in one day!

The Luxembourg Moselle is located less than 20 kilometers from the capital of Luxembourg. As the flagship of viticulture, the region surrounded by French and German neighbors, has kept a unique style and character. The wines of the Luxembourg Moselle are a discovery for all wine lovers. The sparkling Crémants, the elegant Riesling, the white and red wines of the Pinot family, the exotic Gewürztraminer, the ethereal Rivaner, the Auxerrois, the late harvest, ice wine and straw all invite you to a limitless culinary discovery.

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Etape 1 : Morning

The viticulture of the Grand-Duchy over time

The « A Possen » museum, founded in 1967 invites you to discover a typical 19th century winegrower’s
house with all the facilities.
In the toy museum you will discover a varied collection of antique dolls, teddy bears, model railway
and all kind of toys from earlier times.

After this unique experience you should taste a glass of the excellent Luxembourgish wine.

After this little break we go further to the view point “Koeppchen” in Wormeldange where you can enjoy the view over the impressive vineyards and the lovely winegrowing village Wormeldange.


After this exciting experience, take a break and savour/enjoy the superb cuisine of the “Ambassadeurs” restaurants.

Etape 2 : Afternoon

2 pm
Hiking - Crémant Tour 

After learning some interesting facts about the traditional practices of Luxembourgish winegrowers, get ready for the next adventure.

This educational trail leads you through the three lovely villages Wellenstein, Bech-Kleinmacher and Schwebsange. Discover the winegrower’s unique lifestyle and working style and get enchanted by the splendid panorama view.

For all the cycling lovers, we propose the bicycle tour “Velo Vinum”.

The “Crémant” tour begins at the wine museum of the winegrowing village Ehnen and leads you through vineyards and over heights with spectacular views. After that you go down into the Moselle valley to stop in the touristic Remich, the most visited wine town on Luxembourg’s Moselle. The trail continues via Bech-Kleinmacher and conducts into the charming land located in front of the river valley. You will pass brooks lined with pollard willows and beautiful orchards before returning to the starting point.

Sights: Ehnen (circular church and Wine Museum), Remich (“Esplanade” and many other touristic highlights), Bech-Kleinmacher (rebuilt Roman burial chamber, museum “A Possen”).

3 pm

Make yourself a pleasure and visit one of the wine cellars and enjoy the delicious wine of Luxembourg. 

5 pm

The best is yet to come: How about an extensive walk along the picturesque villages of the Moselle valley before having a wonderful and delicious dinner?

7 pm


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