Cycle tour "Römerrunde"

Cycle tour "Römerrunde"

Cycle tour " Römerrunde"
Start: Schengen

From Schengen, you will most of the time follow the course of the Saarland Cycle Path. You will experience an interesting journey establishing a link between unique Roman cultural assets, and enjoy fantastic views on top. Picturesque Moselle river slopes are followed by shadowy forests and open countries. This tour may ideally combined with the Velo Romanum route in opposite Luxembourg.

Sights: Roman mosaics and tumulus near Nennig, Nennig castle, archaeological park Roman Villa Borg (Roman dishes and beverages in the tavern), game enclosure Pillinger Hof, wine tasting in the “Alte Maimühle” (ancient mill) in Perl.

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