Distillery Henri Streng

The century-experience and the know-how of the Streng family enable quality products incorporating the purest and finest fragrances of the original fruit.

A family matter
In the past, traditional spirits were mainly produced from the company's own apple orchards and vineyards, but today there is something for everyone with a wide range of liqueurs and gins.

The values
The high quality products come directly from nature, are made from Luxembourg products and are made by hand. The traditional distillery with young ideas, deep roots and a great thirst for the future, is located right in the heart of Grevenmacher.

In 2015, the distillery, as Luxembourg's pioneer, launched its first gin, the M. Gin. Since then the recipe has been refined and a whole family has grown up.

general information


1a, rue Kummert | L-6743 Grevenmacher
Tél. : +352 26 72 94 47
E-mail :

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