Cavalcade Remich

Cavalcade Remich

“Fuesgecken” and “Fuesbocken”! Just like our German neighbours, we Luxembourgers love carnival!

Halfway through Lent, “Halleffaaschten”, a big procession through the streets of Remich is taking place on Sunday. Highlight of the foolish hustle and bustle being the famous carnival parade, the “Réimecher Cavalcade”, which transforms the streets of the city into a huge festival with music, food, drinks and fun. Creative parade groups in colourful costumes march through the streets of the Moselle town towards the Moselle Esplanade and create a cheerful atmosphere. Whether at the street parade, in the large marquee on or in the numerous pubs - Remich is upside down and everything revolves around the 5th season.

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Esplanade | L-5533 Remich
Tél. : +352 23 69 21
E-mail :

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