The Moselle village Greiveldange values an old tradition during its popular wine festival in the middle of August

In mid-August, the harvest in the Moselle region is about to begin. Every year on August 15th, a bouquet of herbs, grains and vegetables, called the “Wësch”, is tied together. This bouquet is blessed under the protection of St. Mary, “léif Fra”, in expectation of a plentiful harvest. In the past, this tradition was celebrated in all the villages of the Moselle, but today only the wine festival of the “Greiweldenger Leit” (inhabitants of Greiveldange) preserves the custom. The picturesque Moselle village attracts thousands of visitors every year, who enliven the streets of the village. Throughout the day, artists display their local and other products at a craft market. A whole range of local delicacies, wines and Crémants can of course be tasted here.

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Klappegaass | L-5426 Greiveldange
Tél. : +352 23 66 91 94 Fax : +352 23 69 96 47
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