Trëntenger Kiischtefest

Trëntenger Kiischtefest

In the cherry valley of Trintange everything revolves around the cherry fruit

In the cherry valley, cherry farmers used to live mainly from the yield of the cherry trees, the same way winegrowers lived and made a living from wine. Accordingly, the villagers were far from copying one of the many wine festivals, but wanted to create their own personal and unique village festival. This idea led to the “Trëntenger Kiischtefest” (Cherry Festival in Trintange), where everything revolves around the cherry fruit; from cherry jam to cherry juice, cherry brandy to all imaginable cherry variations. You should try the “Späiztaart” (spit cake) during your visit. Days before, the villagers start baking the first cakes and do not stop until all the ingredients are used up towards the end of the festival. The homemade, lovingly prepared cake owes its somewhat strange name to its peculiarity that the cherries are baked together with the cherry pit. Why? Because tradition says so and no cherry juice should be wasted!

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