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This hike gives an impression of the impressive size of the Bürmeringer Flur, coupled with magnificent views. Passing the Maus-Ketti statue, the path leads from the village of Burmerange towards Wintringen, where after crossing the Bauerebrëck you can admire the extensive and agriculturally valuable fields. The pear tree avenue, one of the last in Luxembourg, leads to vineyards where you have an impressive view over the winegrowing village of Remerschen and the lower Moselle valley. In the direction of Remerschen you reach the other part of the field, around Hëschel and Tritlingen, which indicate disappeared settlements. Over the Queeschewee you head towards the French border, where the view glides over the graceful plateau of Lorraine and where you can see half a dozen French villages, recognizable by the red roof tiles.


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Distance : 8.2 km

Difficulty :

path type

Thematic trails

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