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This exciting trail runs mainly through the protected natural area Manternacher Fiels. From the starting point at Burfeld you ascend into the protected natural area and pass by an impressive canyon forest. From there you climb up through the gigantic rock strata along the Michelslay and the passage through the narrow Kerbtal in Schlammbach. In between you can enjoy the extraordinary panoramic views on the Lelliger Plateau and a vineyard in the middle of the forest. Then you can take the stair steps oft eh old vineyard walls back to the starting point in Manternach.  The dream trail Manternacher Fiels is a moderately difficult hiking trail and was rated at 90 experience points by the German Hiking Institutes.

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photos © Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück, Klaus-Peter Kappest


  • Guided tour


Distance : 9.6 km

Running time : 03:30 h

Difficulty :

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