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Passing along the steep shell lime cliffs, the path leads you through the steep vineyards of the Palmberg with wonderful views into the Moselle valley. As we reach the nature reserve of Pellëmbierg (Pellëm = box), our eyes and nose will be delighted above all by the lush green boxwood and wild orchid meadows. The return through the valley of Donverbach (creek) with its waterfalls and wooded gorge provides a relaxed ending. Beautiful landscapes, as well as explanations of the geological layering and the biodiversity of the Palmberg await you on this hike. The German Hiking Institute has raited 84 out of 100 experience points for this dream loop. 

Funfact: The Wine & Nature Path Palmberg Ahn was the first dream loop to be inaugurated in 2013!

After rainy periods, not or only restricted access!


picutres © Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück, Klaus-Peter Kappest



4, rue Aly Duhr
L-5401, Ahn
T. +352 26 74 78 74
F. +352 26 74 78 94

Starting point

15, rue de la Résistance
L-5401, Ahn


  • Guided tour


Distance : 9.0 km

Difficulty :

path type

Dream loops

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