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Welcome to the M³-Trail within the borderless triangle. Discover on 33 kilometres the German-French-Luxembourg border region with its very special charm and its eventful history.

Tough years of war, countless border shifts, power struggles, negotiations and agreementshave shaped the border region and its people for centuries. On closer inspection, the naturallandscape with its trenches, overgrown anti-tank barriers, bomb craters and hiddenbunkers still reveals the scars of those times. Thanks to the Schengen Agreement, the regionhas now grown together into a borderless, common living and cultural area. The M³-Trail offers the opportunity to find out more about the way the area works together inharmony through its culture, its people and its history.Particularly exciting stops are the European Museum in Schengen, the Château des Ducsde Lorraine in Sierck les Bains and the Franco-German Peace Chapel near Perl.The M³-Trail passes through remarkable natural sites such as the Stromberg (Schengen &Contz-les-Bains), the Hammelsberg (Perl & Apach), the limestone meadows of Montenachand the quartzite outcrops in Sierck-les-Bains, some of which are classified as nature reservesand listed in the European Natura 2000 network. These natural environments arefragile and reserved exclusively for walkers, so please follow the recommendations on thesigns at the entrances to the sites.

Please consider that mountain biking is not allowed on this trail!




, Schengen
T. +352 26 74 78 74
F. +352 26 74 78 94

Starting point

Europa Museum Schengen, Rue Robert Goebbels
L-5444, Schengen


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Distance : 33 km

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