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The dream trail “Schengen without borders – Schengen sans frontiers” starts in the village that became famous because of the signing of the Schengen Agreement“ in 1985. The hike leads from the European Museum into the protected nature area Strombierg and continues to France in the vicinity of the winegrowing village of Contz-les-Bains. Magnificent views into the Moselle valley, steep vineyards, broad panoramic views in the direction of Luxemburg and Lorraine as well as the untamed nature of Strombierg make this hike into a unique experience.

Europamuseum Schengen
Rue Robbert Goebbels
L-5444 Schengen

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photos © Wanderbüro Saar-Hunsrück, Klaus-Peter Kappest


  • Guided tour


Distance : 7.7 km

Running time : 03:30 h

Difficulty :

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topographic map

elevation profile

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