Canoe trip in the Moselle valley

Canoe trip in the Moselle valley

Enjoy the wonders of nature with a canoe trip in the Moselle valley

We ask that you behave considerately both inside and outside the canoe to help to protect the natural environment and habitat of the Mosel and Sauer.

Although the Moselle is a developed waterway, it is nevertheless home to a wide range of plants and animals. The flow rate of the river is slower above the barrages than in the lower waters. Nature has adapted to this and different types of plants and animals are therefore to be found there. Many varieties of fish, birds and insects find ideal breeding and spawning areas around the banks and mouths of the streams particularly in the restoration areas and backwaters. Reed buntings and marsh warblers can also be heard and pied wagtails (7) can be seen hopping from stone to stone in these areas. The restoration areas and backwaters are out of bounds for canoeists! Access to these areas is prohibited in order to protect the flora and fauna. A number of rare species of plants and animals have made their home on the glistening rocky banks of the Mosel terraces. Even certain Mediterranean species have become resident here.


For canoe-owner only. No possibility to rent canoes at the moment.

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