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Domaine KEYSER-KOHLL by Kohll-Reuland

Domaine KEYSER-KOHLL by Kohll-Reuland

The Domaine KEYSER-KOHLL by Kohll-Reuland is located in Ehnen and currently covers nine hectares of vines in Ehnen and Schengen. Martine and Frank Keyser-Kohll took over the family business in 2011, constituting the third generation.

The wine bar and terrace with an exceptional panoramic view of the picturesque wine village is the perfect setting for a tasting with a winegrowers dish or tarte flambée.

general information


12, Hohlgaass | L-5418 Ehnen
Tél. : +352 76 00 18 / 26 74 77 72 Fax : +352 26 74 77 73
E-mail :

uselful information

Location : Ehnerberg, Kelterberg, Wousselt
Group affiliation : O.P.V.I.
Contact person : Frank KEYSER
Cellarer : Frank KEYSER
Cultivation surface : 8
Products : Riesling "Ehnen Wousselt" vieille vigne / St. Laurent / Vin de paille
Specialties : Straw wine, Barrique, Crémant de Luxembourg
Offerings - Degustation : 25
Offerings - Guided tour : 25
Offerings - Wine bar : 25
Offerings - Snacks : 25

opening hours

Ouvert les samedis et dimanches du 1er juin au 30 septembre ou sur rendez-vous (congé annuel du 15/08 au 10/09)
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