Find out about the culture of Luxembourg's Moselle region

Culture of the Moselle region

A treasure hunt to discover the cultural and rural heritage.

By following the signposts of the European Cultural Itinerary on the section N4 from Rettel in France to Remich, hikers will pass on the Luxembourgish side various villages bearing witness of a rich cultural and architectural heritage.   

By simply walking through the village streets in Schengen, the alleyways in Machtum and Wormeldange and visiting the European Centre in Schengen you will discover an architectural landscape out of the ordinary, unexpected but in total harmony with the rural area. The first guide for contemporary architecture offers two  « Contemporary Architecture » routes on the Moselle shores.

If you are interested in art & traditions, the Miselerland provides an excellent selection of 4 museums, which have each preserved their peculiarity.

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