Let's go backwards some 2000 years. Back then the Moselle valley was part of the Roman Empire. This is where Julius Caesar settled with his armies to prevent invasion by the German barbarians. It was during this time that certain high dignitaries of the Empire built their sublime abodes on the hillsides of the Moselle. And over the next four centuries, the Romans left an indelible mark on this region and its culture.

So if you like history, don't miss out on the famous "Route des Romains". You will be delighted! If you want to spend a day on the Romans' tracks, you can do so on foot, by bicycle or by car. Dalheim is the starting point of this famous historical route along numerous Gallo-Roman sites.

There are quite a few architectural witnesses still visible from Roman times, first of all the vestiges of Vicus Ricciacum near Dalheim with an amphitheatre were spectacles were held drawing 3500 spectators from cities as far away as Metz and Trier! The Roman theatre is considered to be the best-preserved example of its kind north of the Alps. The tour lets you discover all the vestiges of the Roman era: a wine press and funeral chamber in Bech-Kleinmacher, an ancient sarcophagus in Schwebsange, the funerary monument of a wine merchant in Remerschen, an archaeological complex with a Roman city, a Gallo-roman theatre and an eagle statue in Dalheim. Discover all these sites while travelling through wonderful landscapes: vineyards as far as the eye can see stretch away on both sides of the valley.

And when you take your well-deserved break don't miss the opportunity to sample some the regional products of the Miselerland.

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