from 220.00€


multifaceted landscapes
important nature reserves
heterogenous river


360 minute(s)

Number of participants

min. 4 to max. 25 people

Languages offered

German, French, Luxembourgish

3-day hike through the Syre catchment area - a unique experience!

3-day-hike from the source to the river mouth

Discover the beautiful landscapes of the Guttland and Moselle region. Old orchards, important nature reserves and picturesque villages await you on this walk along the Syre. On the way you will notice that the initially modest Syre is slowly turning into a real river with a strong current. Small local and regional delicacies make this walk a unique experience!

1st stage : Syren – Munsbach railway station (RS)
2nd stage : Munsbach RS – Betzdorf RS
3rd stage : Betzdorf RS – Mertert RS

Route deviations are possible due to weather conditions!

Departures of 2nd and 3rd stage can be easily reached by train. Stage 1 can be reached by car, taxi or public transport (busline n° 170).

-> not suitable for prams

ca. 16 km / stage
Difficulty: medium



firm footwear

Bring along


Other information

Organizer: Office Régional du Tourisme - Région Moselle Luxembourgeoise a.s.b.l.

Included in the offer


Not included in the offer

tastings (optional)

Public transport

depending on stage starts:

bus stops:
1. stage: "Syren, Klappsbréck"
2. stage: "Munsbach, Gare Routière" & "Munsbach, Kulturzentrum"
3. stage: "Betzdorf, Bei der Schoul" -> "Mertert, Route Nationale" (End)

tain stations:
2. stage: Bhf Munsbach
3. stage: Bhf Betzdorf -> Mertert Bhf (End)


along the road

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