Grouf - old beech and oak forest left to natural development
Haff Réimech - one of the largest wetlands in Luxembourg
varied landscapes and magnificent views


150, 180 minute(s)

Number of participants

max. 25 people (wine/grape juice tasting: min. 4 people)

Languages offered

German, English, French, Luxembourgish

Border area at the Moselle (on request)

From the natural forest reserve "Grouf" to the nature reserve "Haff Réimech" - a rare fauna and flora awaits you on this tour!

This tour leads you through the nature reserve “Grouf” located between Schengen and Remerschen. From here the path leads you through the vineyards to reach the nature reserve “Haff Réimech” in Remerschen, one of the largest wetlands in Luxembourg and a refuge for many endangered animal and plant species. The last section takes you back along the Moselle to your starting point in Schengen.

-> suitable for prams (on request)

8 km
Difficulty: easy



firm footwear

Bring along


Location information

Entrance Youth Hostel

Other information

Organizer: Office Régional du Tourisme - Région Moselle Luxembourgeoise a.s.b.l.

Included in the offer


Not included in the offer

tastings (optional)

Public transport

bus stop "Remerschen, Al Schoul"


Parking along the street

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