borderless Moselle valley
picturesque wine villages and region-specific architecture
Haff Réimech, one of the largest marshlands in Luxembourg


180, 210 minute(s)

Number of participants

max. 15 people (wine/grape juice tasting: min. 4 people)

Languages offered

German, English, French, Luxembourgish

Borderless cycling tour (on request)

Through 3 countries in a few hours? On two wheels, cycling enthusiasts can discover the border triangle around Schengen on this tour!

Explore the border triangle around the world-famous village of Schengen and the ”Haff Réimech“ with its nature reserve, one of the largest marshlands in Luxembourg and refuge for many endangered animal and plant species.

45 km
Difficulty: medium



bike + helmet

Bring along

fit for cycling

Location information

in front of the water tower

Other information

Organizer: Office Régional du Tourisme - Région Moselle Luxembourgeoise a.s.b.l.

Included in the offer


Not included in the offer

tastings (optional)


parking spots in front of the water tower

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