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Bous is a commune where it feels good to live. Rural traditions and modern familiy dwellings are artfully combined. The hiking trail Ierpeldenger Gipswee illustrates the village's past of working with plaster.

Localities :
Assel, Bous, Erpeldange, Rollingen

Highlight :
Thematic hiking trail "Ierpeldenger Gipswee" on working with plaster and the resulting landscapes

Mobility :

Meet 'de Beiemann'!

Fränz, the self-proclaimed 'Beiemann', has his own method for switching off: "Other people go into the garden, I go to my bees."

About the 'Beiemann':

A friend of Fränz taught him to be a beekeeper at the age of 22. Since then he has been known on the Moselle under the name 'de Beiemann'. Talking to Fränz it becomes clear how important it is to understand the bee’s nature. "One must always pay attention that the bees have work. If they have no work, they start with the nonsense". With nonsense Fränz means the so-called swarm mood, meaning the natural reproduction of bees. About half of the colony swarms out, together with the queen bee, to look for a new nesting opportunity. The remaining bees stay in the old nest and raise a new queen. The honey production is mostly stopped during this process. The beekeeper prevents the swarming mood by constantly giving the bees new combs to build and by regularly collecting the honey. Hence, the bees remain productive and grow delicious honey.

The Moselle of the 'Beiemann':

The bee man himself likes to visit foreign beekeepers on his travels in order to get to know their techniques and methods. "We like to go to local markets abroad, it is simply fun to discover original things from the region," his wife recounts enthusiastically. That's exactly why visitors are allowed to visit them for free, "Not every day of course, otherwise you just won't make it," adds Fränz with a wink. For him, the Moselle region is the most beautiful region in the country. He says that the visitors from the Éislek (the north of Luxembourg) always admit with envy: 'Wat ass dat schéin hei op der Musel' ("It's so beautiful here on the Moselle"). The unofficial joking fight for the title of the most beautiful region of Luxembourg has been going on for years between the inhabitants of the respective regions of Luxembourg. Which region we prefer at VisitMoselle is out of question...

The world of the 'Beiemann':

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Discover Bous in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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