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The commune Dalheim

Dalheim has a rich history and numerous Roman vestiges which bear witness to the Roman influence and the economic, cultural and religious power they wielded during that time.

Localities :
Dalheim, Filsdorf, Welfrange

Highlight :
Roman Theatre Dalheim

Mobility :
Line 170: Luxembourg - Dalheim - Filsdorf
Line 180: Remich-Dalheim-Mondorf
Line 455: Mondorf - Remich - Grevemacher

Meet Louis!

During the first excavations of the vicus in Dalheim, Louis already participated as a helper. Both the monument site and the Roman history are part of his everyday life since then.

About Louis:

„Actually, I wouldn't call myself a historian and I wasn't particularly interested in history at the beginning. However, when the excavations began in 1976, it was clear to me that I would get involved. It's important to preserve such things and to value our history.” In 1976, the first modern excavations began in Dalheim. In 1977, the association of the Ricciacus friends ("RICCIACUS FRËNN") was established on the initiative of the former Ministery of Culture. Since then, Louis has been part of the association, which was founded thanks to the lively interest of the inhabitants of Dalheim in the archaeological events. The aim is still to involve the citizens in the historical occurrence.

Louis' Moselle:

“As the highlight of the Moselle region I have to name our vicus in Dalheim, of course. However, I also find the Biodiversum in Remerschen particularly interesting. Afterwards, a visit to the nearby “Baggerweier” is worthwhile! In addition to the permanent tourist attractions, Louis especially appreciates the traditional festivals and culinary specialties of the region: “The Wine Happening in Machtum in collaboration with the village Nittel (DE) on the other side of the river, is a highlight for me every year. The festival is a true symbol of cross-border cooperation. The grape and wine festival in Grevenmacher also marks an exceptional date every year and it is always worth a visit. At such cultural festivals, as well as in my everyday life, I like to be served hearty Luxembourgish dishes such as Träipen (a Luxembourgish variant of black pudding), Judd mat Gaardebounen (pork neck with broad beans) or Tête de veau (veal head).”

Opening hours of the vicus: June - September, Saturday & Sunday from 15:00 - 18:00 pm

Louis' world:


Discover Dalheim in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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