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The commune Flaxweiler

The name of Flaxweiler derives its prefix "Flax" from the flax plant known in German as "Flachs", having been cultivated in this place in the past.

The topography of the municipality of Flaxweiler is marked by three distinct watersheds, first the locality of Flaxweiler is oriented towards the region of Syre, while the two others, sheltering the localities of Oberdonven and Niederdonven respectively Beyren and Gostingen, open on the valley of the Moselle.

Localities :
Niederdonven, Oberdonven, Beyren, Flaxweiler, Gostingen, Bucholz

Higlights :
idyllic and rural character

Mobility :

Meet Nicki!

As a farmer’s daughter, the farm life was always a big part of Nicki’s life. At some point, she found her favourite activity in driving agricultural machines.

About Nicki:

“It was always clear that my brother would take over our family farm in Flaxweiler, so I decided to start a different career. However, that doesn't mean that I turned my back on agriculture. On the contrary! Since I‘ve met my boyfriend, I have 2 farms on which I love to help out in my spare time. Preferably on the machines of course!” Nicki explains that they train show cattle to promote the farm. At the shows the cattle are judged according to beauty points: “Every breed has a so-called breeding goal, a specification how an animal should look in the best case. The animals are evaluated by a juror in the ring. The Showmanship’s are another discipline to compete in. The judges evaluate not only the look of the animal, but also its movement and attitude in harmony with its demonstrator. To convince with character and charisma, you need a personal bound to your animal. A calm animal will always lead to a better placement.”

Nicki‘s Moselle:

“If I imagine to be a tourist in our region for the first time, I would certainly come back a second and third time. There is so much to discover! Be it a walk along the Moselle, be it a boat trip on the river, a wine festival or even a visit of a winemaker’s private cellar.” Nicki tells us that she loves to take pictures: “The ‘Widdebierg” in Flaxweiler is the perfect spot to try out my camera thanks to its beautiful springs, picnic areas and its rocky slopes.” Despite her personal preference for the foreland with its wide and flat fields and meadows, Nicki would first send her friends to the vineyards: “The wineries are the most important thing we have in the Moselle region.”

Nicki‘s world:


Discover Flaxweiler in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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