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The metropolis of the Moselle

The Roman heritage is still felt in Grevenmacher, which has much to offer to its visitors. Grevenmacher used to be a fortified town and is now an important business center. The "Maacher Kulturhuef" offers cultural and sports activities. It is an ideal starting point for a discovery tour of the region on board the MS Marie-Astrid or for taking a family trip to the river locks.

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Meet Sophie!

On the 7th September 2018, after 4 years as a wine princess, Sophie was crowned the 69th Wine Queen of Luxembourg.

About Sophie:

“I accepted the task with pleasure as a tribute to my grandfather. He was a wonderful person!” Sophie’s grandfather helped 50 years as a volunteer to organize the Wine and Grape festival in Grevenmacher. He was well known for the construction of the annual Wine Queen carriage. Each year, a carriage is built for the traditional, folkloristic procession during the festival. Sophie loves the idea of the new carriages which are repeatedly restored with pieces build a long time ago by her grandfather: “It means that he will always remain a part of the feast.” Her enthusiasm when she tells us about the moment when she finally got to stand on the carriage is contagious: “My favourite experience? My Wine Festival last year, no doubts. It was awesome! When the carriage drove around the corner and I saw the whole Moselle Wine Street packed with thousands of people waiting for me, that was the moment I realized wow this is pretty damn cool.” Nonetheless being a wine majesty has also its dark sides: “The duty can be exhausting sometimes. Especially in the first years you feel like it’s taking forever until the crowning. I’ve missed a lot in my private life, 18th birthday parties for example. I mean it’s sad sometimes, but in the end it is worth it. A glass of Miseler Wéngschen (Luxembourgish wine) always cheers me up. Preferably, a Pinot Gris (grey Pinot).”

Sophie's Moselle:

"Grevenmacher and the Moselle in general have a lot to offer. First of all, I’d invite my foreign friends to the terrace of the Bistro Quai. While sitting there admiring the vineyards and the river, they will get to know the charm of the city. Then, I’d take them to a boat trip on the M.S. Princesse Marie-Astrid so that they will experience the charm of the entire river. Afterwards, a visit to one of the local wineries, les Domaines Vinsmoselle or Caves Bernard-Massard, is a must. To finish the day in a perfect manner, I’d guide them through the vineyards in order to enjoy the view over the Moselle valley from above.” Sophie reveals us where to find her favourite spot: “On the plateau above Grevenmacher with a view over the vineyards and the city up to the border bridge and Germany. There, I get to rest, I can just sit there, calm down and relax. It is my proper little oasis.“ Sophie strongly believes that the Moselle region goes beyond the borders of Luxembourg. On German wine festivals, she got to know some of her favourite sayings, which she strongly connects with her duty: “Zum Wohl, Riol.“  and “Steiler kann keiner  - Mosel“.

Sophie makes absolutely no secret of her strong love for her homeland. We can understand that very well…

Sophie's world:

wine queen  wine queen  wine queen

Discover Grevenmacher in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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