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The commune Manternach

Manternach's history dates back to the Celts and the Romans and numerous vestiges still bear witness of this past. The mountain bike trail covers all the villages of this commune and offers many  scenic viewpoints of the Syre and Moselle valleys.

Localities :
Manternach ; Berbourg, Lellig, Muenschecker.

Highlight :
"GROESTAEN" Tomb of a Gallic warrior
Premium Trail "Manternacher Fiels"


Meet Luc!

Even as a little boy, Luc already knew that someday he wants to work as a forester. In 2007, his childhood dream finally came true.

About Luc:

Luc loves the variety of his job: “I work both inside and outside, sometimes I work with people and sometimes I can enjoy the peace and quiet in the middle of nature. I am my own boss, with all the advantages and disadvantages." However, the profession of a forester is no longer what the people outside imagine it to be: “Working as a forester is different to what it used to. Today, the job isn’t about working in nature all day, but it demands more and more bureaucratic work.”

“It is very disappointing to see that people keep throwing garbage along beautiful nature paths. It’s discouraging and from my point of view completely incomprehensible. It makes me really mad sometimes.“ Luc has a clear idea in mind which role he has to play: “Foresters, conservationists and farmers have a big impact on the whole countryside. We want to preserve nature and biodiversity. This is how we can contribute to a high quality of life.”

Luc‘s Moselle:

“People keep telling me how fascinated they are by our countryside. This is due to the enormous variety and diversity in a very small space.” Luc explains that different topologies and soils lead to a rapidly changing vegetation and thus to surprising and varied landscapes within the rural region. For him, the interaction between the cultural and natural landscape as well as the mix of natural conditions and human exploitation lead to the particularly charm of the vineyards, the meadows and the 'Bongerten' (orchards). Luc truly shares his guest’s enthusiasm, especially the one about the dream loop Manternacher Fiels: “Rocky slopes along the river, water splashing in the background, birds chirping and a surprising vineyard in the middle of the forest form a unique dream loop.” Luc has one last recommendation for us: “Visit the Nature Conservation Centre ‘A Wiewesch’ in the middle of Manternach and have a look at the new exhibition Nature Conservation and Agriculture.

Luc‘s world:

forestier  forestier  forestier  forestier

Discover Manternach in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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