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The commune Mertert

Mertert is located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Sûre, and has an important inland port with a direct connection to national and international waterways. The town of Wasserbillig is known most of all for its tourist activities: camping, water sports and walking will make your stay most enjoyable.

Localities :
Mertert, Wasserbillig

Highlight :
Aquarium Wasserbillig
Park in Mertert


Meet Marie-Ange!

After 15 years in the German-Luxembourgish Tourist Info Marie-Ange has got to know many people (and animals).

About Marie-Ange:

“I was happy with all my jobs. I always enjoyed going to work. The multi-cultural world has always fascinated me. That's why I particularly liked the direct connection to the guests and their cultures at the Tourist Info.” Marie-Ange explains us that working with people has always been fun, especially thanks to several experiences: “There were a lot of great and crazy moments. I still remember when a pilgrim from the St. James path arrived with his donkey. He was wandering from one checkpoint to another, always looking for a place to stay with his donkey carrying all his stuff. I will never forget that picture.”

Pilger mit Esel

Marie-Ange‘s Moselle:

Wine is the main treasure of our region. It has shaped our environment for thousands of years. If you consider that the Romans already planted Elbling and that even today a large part of the land is still used for the viticulture, then you know that the wine is all, our history, our present and our future". Winking, Marie-Ange adds: “One advantage is of course that we like to drink the wine ourselves as well.”

She gives us a recommendation on how to use the time in the region the best: “Renting a bicycle, taking the ferry, descending the Moselle on the German side and going up again on the Luxembourg side, this is what a perfect day in the region looks like. You’ll get to know winegrowers, discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Moselle and experience what a region without borders really feels like.” If that doesn't sound like a perfect plan...



Marie-Ange‘s world:


Discover Mertert-Wasserbillig in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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