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The spa town of Mondorf-les-bains is well known beyond the borders for its expert mix of wellness, health and culture. The parc of the "Domaine Thermal" covers more than 40 hectares and is a haven for lovers of nature. Families can enjoy a barge tour or a round of minigolf. The "Anciens Thermes", the "Orangerie" and the "Waasserhaus" are spots which can be discovered during a leasurely walk.

Localities :
Mondorf-les-Bains, Altwies, Ellange

Highlight :
Mondorf Domaine Thermal
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Meet Pierre!

In nature, the gardener gets a sense of freedom. Pierre prefers working in contact with nature than working at an office.

About Pierre:

“In our park you can observe steady changes of mother nature. We must always adapt to nature.” Pierre explains us, that their most important challenge is to react efficiently, but also sustainably and with the least possible impact on the microfauna. The gardeners at MONDORF Domaine Thermal work without toxic and noxious products.
The native Frenchman has been working at the Thermal Park for 4 years now and he has never regretted his choice: “When I have a stressful day, I can relax at the park, right there at my workplace. I like to rest for half an hour, preferably in the adjacent forest. In contrast to the wide-open park, the forest is narrower and allows me to calm down.”

Pierre‘s Moselle:

“When I think about the Moselle in my head, I can feel recreation. While observing the vineyards and the rhythm of the Moselle at the edge of the river, I get the feeling of being on holiday. In our region, you can get the feeling that life is stress free. This area inspires you to relax. If you add the infrastructures of the Domaine Thermal and its park, you will find everything you need to satisfy your eventual demand for relaxation.”
Last but not least, Pierre shares a wisdom he already discovered in his youth: “The Picadilly in Stadtbredimus sums up the ambience of the terroir. Every year for that weekend, they produce a special sweet wine. The celebration at the charming Moselle village is a tradition truly worth coming to all the way from Thionville.“ At Visit Moselle, we have to smile thinking about the memories of this wine festival as well...

The diversity of the Thermal Park (for every target group): The Pop-Up-Bar "La Roseraie" in the rose garden ¦ Herb garden ¦ playgrounds ¦ Easy-Golf ¦ Pédalo ¦ Luxembourg Aviation Museum ¦ Art gallery ¦ Ciné Waasserhaus

Pierre’s world:


Discover Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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