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The city of Remich

Remich, the pearl of the Moselle, is a small tourist town on the European road between Saarbrucken and Luxembourg. An outstanding panorama of vineyards and forests circles the town like an amphitheater. Several kilometers of promenade in the shade of the trees along the Moselle invite for a leisurely stroll. Cozy terraces, tastings of the best Luxembourgish wines, a boat trip on the river… Remich offers a broad range of activities for all target groups.

Highlights :
Esplanade of the Moselle
River cruise

Mobility :

 Remich Map  (3.00 Mo)

Meet Teddy!

Teddy has been working on Luxembourg’s Moselle for 10 years now. He worked as a sailor for 9 years before he obtained his skipper-licence last year. "I am very proud of my progress at Navitours."

About Teddy:

Teddy was born in Nancy (F) and lives in France on the border of Luxembourg. He understands the Luxembourgish language almost perfectly, but he still has problems speaking it: "Gudden Owend, gudd Nuecht (Good evening, good night). I have difficulties experimenting in the Luxembourgish language because the locals always help me out with French or German".

Before Teddy started working for leisure ships, he worked, just like his parents and grandparents as a sailor on merchant ships. Thus, he was constantly on the move. When he became father for the first time, he was finally drawn to the Moselle. "On the merchant ships you are most of the time lonely, it is the contact with the people and the possibility to reconcile career and family that attracted me.

Teddy's Moselle:

“For me, the entire Moselle is beautiful. A river from its source to its mouth, enchanting with various highlights. In France a flatter area with fantastic horizon views, followed by the half flat, half steep valley along the romantic border between Luxembourg and Germany and in the last third finally a river surrounded by majestic steep slopes in Germany. The Moselle is divided into three landscapes. Each section, each country has its own picturesque characteristics." Grinning, Teddy tells us about his favorite dish: the Luxembourgish dessert Bamkuch (pyramid cakes): "I have never eaten such a fine cake anywhere else!" He loves Luxembourg’s white wines, but he prefers the red wines from his homeland, "I don't like Luxembourg’s red wines at all, it's a good thing they don't produce too many". Well, we can't always agree with Teddy...

Teddy's world:


Teddy  Kapitän  Kapitän  Teddy

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