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Schengen is undoubtedly the village best known for its European status. The Agreement that bears his name is the reason. But the villages of Remerschen, with its nature reserve "Haff Réimech" and the recreation area and Wellenstein, with its traditional folk fair, have nothing to envy to its neighbor. 'Schengen has received the' European Heritage Label '. The label is awarded to those sites of Europe's shared values, history and cultural heritage, and contributors to national and regional diversity.

Localities :
Bech-Kleinmacher, Burmerange, Emerange, Elvange, Remerschen, Schengen, Schwebsingen, Wellenstein, Wintrange

Highlights :
European Centre Schengen
Musée A Possen
Valentiny Foundation


Meet Mea!

Back in the late 80’s Mea studied graphic design. Afterwards life took her to a different path which brought her to Luxembourg. Many years later, she now has time to live her true passion: Lino Printing.

About Mea:

“I worked hard, I am tenacious, I am persevering and I won’t give up.” Mea already lives her dream, but she keeps on improving her art pieces and bringing the results to the people: “The famous golfer Jack Nicklaus once countered: My god you’ve got some lucky shots! – Yeah, the more I practice, the luckier I get – And that’s it, to become lucky one has to work hard!” Mea sketches, traces, cuts, and presses each Lino Print by hand: “Each Lino Print is individually handmade. I think that’s what folk enjoy about it. One motive, the goldcrest for example, may be darker, the other one lighter. People can choose, it will be their unique linocut. That’s what’s interesting, that’s what I love about it.”

Mea‘s Moselle:

“I think Luxembourg chose me. I left the UK for personal circumstances and a friend of mine was already living here. I felt right at home here, just straight away.” Since Mea came to Luxembourg, she became familiar with the local traditions: “I like it when there are local wine festivals along the Moselle. I like to sit there and breathe in the atmosphere. I like to sit down and relax on a summer evening and enjoy the company of the villagers. I just drink in the view: the spirit of it, the conviviality of it. I also love the autumn, when the autumn colours are beginning to appear and you can observe the traditional grape picking of the many winegrowers. Going to the Hunnefeier, which is the official ending of the grape picking season, is really fun!” Mea’s favourite place is the Biodiversum in Remerschen though: “There are so many birds and amazing vineyard-views in the area. You’ll find a lot of wildlife there, which is my complete passion.”

Where to get Mea’s artwork? Visit Remich Shop ¦ Schengen Ponton ¦ Luxembourg House ¦ Moselle Flavour

Mea’s world:

Mea BatemanMea BatemanMea BatemanMea Bateman

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