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In the town of Stadtbredimus you will have the opportunity to discover the regional history of viticulture. The wines of Stadtbredimus and Greiveldange - from the sites called Dieffert, Primerberg, Fels, Greiveldange-Hütte, Herrenberg, Goldberg are some of the best vintages of the Luxembourg Moselle.

Localities :
Stadtbredimus, Greiveldange, Hëttermillen

Highlight :
Cultural walking trail Stadbredimus


Meet Danielle!

In the footsteps of her mother, her grandmother and her grandmother’s mother, Danielle and her husband run the family fruit and veg stall in Stadtbredimus already in the fourth generation.

About Danielle:

“As a child, I’ve always been helping out my mother. Since I’m 15 years old, I work professionally. I started right after I’ve finished school.” Danielle starts her weekend at 2:30 am in the middle of Saturday night, working through the day until 6:30 pm, just to get up again at 5 am the next day to continue her work until 8 pm Sunday evening. You truly get the feeling that Danielle dedicated her life to her stall and sells her products with all her passion. It is really important to her that her clients value nutrition and that they know all about the varieties and differences between the products. "Our customers are allowed to taste everything. There are as many types of apricots as there are types of apples. You have to show people that not every apricot tastes the same. We live by the motto that you’ve got to try everything to realize what’s really tasty."

Danielle's Moselle:

“You don’t have to go far away, many times the most beautiful spots are really nearby. Just at our front door we can enter a beautiful cycle path and wander with our dog on the unique Moselle promenade. Our municipality is just as beautiful as the more touristically developed towns, but with less people.” Danielle tells us that her clients appreciate the beauty of the environment as well: “Our customers, driving from Thionville, Metz or Arlon always combine their shopping trip with an afternoon at the Moselle. They are going for a walk or enjoy the beautiful terraces along the river.”  She sums it up for us in a very simple way: "It's beautiful here." And actually, there is no need for further explanations about the beauty of our region...


Danielle's world:

Danielle  Danielle  Danielle  Danielle

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