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Waldbredimus is the starting point for pleasant hikes in the valley of Trintange which is well-known for its cherry-trees and other fruit trees.

Localities :
Ersange, Gondelange, Trintange, Roedt, Waldbredimus

Highlight :
Chapel of the valley of Trintange „Kiischtendall »

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Meet Jean!

About 40 years ago Jean became the president of the “Trëntenger Musek”, thus the face of the traditional “Trëntenger Kiischtefest”.

About Jean:

Jean would never rest on his oars. Even after nearly 40 years of presidency, he is always happy to lend a hand. During our conversation on the festival volunteers constantly asked him for advice. You truly get a feeling how important he is for the festival. The relationship always seems, like the festival in general, relaxed and collegial. They are working together with enthusiasm. This spirit was also the reason to create the “1st Trëntenger Kiischtefest” (cherry festival in Trintange) back in 1946. In the cherry valley, the farmers used to live on the gains of their cherry trees, the same way winemakers lived and live on the gains from the vineyards. Hence, it was no question that the locals wanted to create a unique village concept for their feast, instead of copying all the other wine festivals. Since the beginning a lot happened: “The Kiischtefest is consistently changing. – Thank God, it’ for the better!”

Jean's Moselle:

“It’s impressive how much I like it here in the commune of Waldbredimus. I did not grow up here, but moved here years ago thanks to my wife, ‚en Bäigeprafften‘ - how they used to say in the old, Luxembourgish language. I just like it here, I really appreciate the location of the village, it is quite and in close touch with nature, but also close to the big cities of the area.” Mayor Louis Oberhag adds a loving anecdote: “A couple of years ago an Italian friend of mine came to visit me here in Luxembourg. I will never forget how he said to me: ‘Louis, why are you still going on vacation? You have everything here and that in the smallest space. Back in my country, we have to drive at least 200 kilometers if we want to see different landscapes. You only need 5 minutes to get to the vineyards, another 5 minutes and you are in the middle of ancient roman culture or even in the cosmopolitan capital.’ And he was right, every time I am sitting at the Klaus chapel and I am looking into the beautiful valley, I know exactly, you don’t need anything else!”

Nonetheless, there is one thing bothering Jean: “The village bar used to be the central place for people to come together. It is a shame that those bars are disappearing more and more. The loveable and convivial village character gets lost that way.”

Jean's world:

Jean  Jean  Jean  Jean

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