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The commune of Wormeldange is one of the most important wine production sites. Take a walk to the famous  « Wuermer Koeppchen », it offers fantastic views of the Moselle valley which are well worth the effort.  Ehnen, a small village that is part of the commune, is a real jewel of cultural heritage and home to the Maison & Musée du Vin, the Wine Museum.

Localités :
Wormeldange, Ahn, Ehnen, Machtum

Highlight :
Wine museum, Ehnen
Premium hike - Wine & Nature Palmberg, Ahn
Riesling Open, Wormeldange
Wine-Happening, Machtum 


Meet Glenn!

In the beginning, Glenn (16) wanted to become a surfer. By now, he has won the National Junior Championship twice, as a wakeboarder though.

About Glenn:

“Years ago, I’ve started waterskiing, but I was never really thrilled by it. I wasn’t passionate about it, I thought it was quite lame as you are limited to slalom. The surfers on the television looked way cooler. Unfortunately, surfing didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. As a result, I started wakeboarding to get a feeling for the board. That was about 3 years ago. Wakeboarding is faster, cooler and more dangerous than surfing. You can jump more often and you can try new tricks, the speed level is almost twice as high.” Glenn seems to love the adrenaline rush no matter how dangerous the training gets. He's got ambitions, he wants to improve and learn new things: “I’m happy about every new trick I land. You have to stay focused and stick to the basics at any time; for example, you have to hold your posture and keep your look straight. If you panic, you’ll fall down.”

Glenn's Moselle:

Not only is the Moselle Glenn’s only option to practice wakeboarding in Luxembourg, he also thinks that the river is by far the best spot to do so: “Ehnen Beach is the perfect spot to relax. At the Moselle, you always get a holiday feeling right away. I think it’s a beautiful place with the vineyards around it. Wakeboarding is also possible on the ‘Sûre’ river, but its water is too cold. The Moselle, on the other hand, has perfect conditions for practicing watersports. Due to the warm water and its width, it’s the best river you can find in the country.” Glenn has also tried other sites abroad: „I was several times in Switzerland for example. In those areas the wakeboarder is mostly pulled by a water ski lift, this is called Cable Wakeboarding. I prefer wakeboarding behind the boat, because I think it looks more spectacular. Hence, I’m always glad when I can practice on the Moselle again.”

Glenn's world:

Wakeboarder  Wakeboarder  Wakeboarder  Wakeboarder

Discover Wormeldange in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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