Miselerland -
e Genoss! Regional produce

For the past 2000 years wine has been and still is the predominant feature of the cultural landscape of the Moselle: but the Miselerland offers so much more. And Luxembourgish people like to do things right! This is true for a large variety of other regional products. All the juices, jams, honeys, baked goods, sausages or snails are produced according to the highest quality standards.

100% Luxembourg

100% Luxembourg, the unique store specialized on Luxemburgish products

  • You buy Luxemburgish products because you consider it especially important to support Luxemburgish producers ?
  • You are acting in a sustainable manner and prefer the products of the region to those routed throw-out  thousands of kilometers?
  • To express your solidarity with those who have certainly a lot of talent, but often less of means, you look for products from sheltered workshops?
  • You want to support a project which offers to 45+ job seekers  a temporary employment and opportunities for continuing training in the field of trade?

At 100% Luxembourg in Grevenmacher you’ll find Luxemburgish products  from every field of activity (beverage, food, art&deco,…) at fair prices. Our mobile point of sale is regularly present on the markets and festivals across the country.

Buying 100% Luxembourg is offering  100% sustainable gifts

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23, route de Trèves | L-6793 Grevenmacher
Tél. : +352 26 72 95 45
E-mail :

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