The Market

The aromas of the Moselle truly invite you to dream: the taste of white wine will make you see the vineyards welcoming the blossom of the spring... The taste of the honey will send you to blooming orchards where you can hear the bees buzzing...

Have you ever asked yourself how to shop more sustainably and regionally? Do you want to support local producers? If so, the Moselle Flavour - The Market will be the right event for you! You’ll get the chance to meet and to talk to local producers and artists. Take this opportunity to taste and to buy their products right away. Get to know the people and the work behind the brands and enjoy the typical Moselle products.

EAT Local & Fresh

During the week prior to the market, the Moselle Flavour is initiated by the campaign "Moselle Flavour - EAT local & fresh". Participating restaurateurs of the region offer special suggestions and menus around typical regional and national dishes and ingredients.


The Walk

Local flavours & welcoming producers  - In 2019 and 2020, the event "Moselle Flavour - The Walk" has already been a big success.

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