Wine Cheese Enjoy

8 & 9 February 2020

Winter makes you want delightful recipes that warm your heart and body. Fondue, raclette as well as cheese platters await you! 

On the initiative of the Regional Tourism Board of the Luxembourg Moselle Region, the Wine Cheese Enjoy event will be hold for the second time in 2020. This gourmet event showcases cheese specialities and regional wine products. Many winegrowers and restaurateurs will open their doors and present their best wines in wine bars.


The participants 2020:

The winegrowers:

Domaine Henri Ruppert, Schengen
Caves du Sud, Remerschen
Domaine Viticole Krier-Welbes, Ellange-Gare
Domaine L&R Kox, Remich
Benoît Kox, viticulteur Remich
Caves St. Remy - Desom, Remich
Caves St. Martin, Remich
Caves Leuck-Thull, Lenningen
Domaine Viticole Beck-Frank, Greiveldange
Domaine Viticole Cep D’or, Hëttermillen
Caves Poll-Fabaire, Wormeldange
Pundel vins purs, Wormeldange-Haut
Caves JP Steinmetz-Duhr, Ahn
Domaine viticole PUNDEL-HOFFELD / Caves PUNDEL-ERR, Machtum

The restaurateurs:

Youth Hostel, Remerschen/Schengen
L'Orée du Palmberg, Ahn

To be continued...

Partner :






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