Wanneer? Zaterdag 23.09.202320:00

Ensemble Colourage
Waar? 1, Avenue des Bains, L-5610 Mondorf Muziekfestivals

Ensemble Colourage

Deze inhoud is helaas niet in het Nederlands beschikbaar.

They were on the shortlist for the Innovation 2022 Prize of the German Orchestra Foundation - and more than rightly so. The nine-member ensemble Colourage, founded in the course of a cooperation between the German State Philharmonic Orchestra Rhineland-Palatinate, the Oriental Music Academy Mannheim and the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg, fuses European classical music and various musical traditions of the Middle East into a new sound form. The strengths and special features of both musical worlds are united, complemented by urban music currents and more. A unique musical experience - today still in ensemble, soon perhaps in the form of large orchestral works, that is at least the group's goal. Until then, "the smaller the finer" applies. Have fun!

Further information, such as on the location, at www.moselmusikfestival.lu 

Photo: © André Uelner

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Adres: Parc Thermal Mondorf-les-Bains
1, Avenue des Bains
L-5610 Mondorf
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