Nature reserve "Kuebendällchen"

Embedded between the hills and far away from every developed area, you will find he protected nature area Kuebendällchen, whose serenity invites you to relaxing walks. The somewhat steep slopes were shaped by viniculture, livestock grazing and forestry. This alternation between forest, scrub, dry and wet open land in a small space has led to a biologically diverse habitat. The hiking trail runs through a small side-valley of the Kourlerbaachs to the southern border of the protected nature area. There the trail leads you out of the valley up through the mixed beech forest to the plateau. Below the vineyards you walk around the area before you come back into the valley.


Address: Nature reserve "Kuebendällchen"
L-5495 Wintrange
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Phone:+352 26 74 78 74
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