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Wine events

Tradition, wine & celebration

Wherever wine is made, it's guaranteed that people there like to party. On Friday after Easter, for example, at the "Maacher Wäimoart" in Grevenmacher, a wine market is held with tastings of the new vintage wines and Crémants. 

The "Drauwen- a Wäifest" is also held there, along with the crowning of the Luxembourg Wine Queen, whereas the Riesling Queen is crowned in Wormeldange.

And to draw the grape harvest season to a close, the traditional "Hunnefeier" takes place in Schengen. 

Traditional wine events

Join in the fun of the great wine festivals and discover the passion that the “Miseler” (Mosellans) have for their heritage. Each year, they keep these traditions alive by gathering together in celebration, happy to share with you their culture of distilling wine, to the rhythm of the region’s classic and folk music.

Among the key festivals, the “Gréiwemaacher Drauwen - a Wäifest”, a yearly celebration of grapes and wines from Grevenmacher, attracts tourists by the thousands. This event sees the election of the new “Lëtzebuerger Wäikinnigin”, the Wine Queen of Luxembourg. Accompanied by her princesses, she parades through the town streets, accompanied by international music bands and dozens of richly decorated floats. Truly an unforgettable moment to share with your friends! One week later, the Riesling Queen’s coronation ceremony marks the start of the Riesling Open in Wormeldange.

Do you enjoy traditional celebrations? There are many more events on the agenda. In July, don’t miss the “Welleschter Kiermes”, Wellenstein’s funfair, and one of the most frequented ones in the country, or the “Éiner Wënzerdag”, a wine festival that takes place in the cultural and historical centre of the charming wine village of Ehnen. Many more festivals take place during August, September, and October.

Kinniginnen 2023
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Éiner Wënzerdag
Wine festival in the historic and picturesque centre of the charming winegrowing village of Ehnen.
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© Picadilly
“Don’t be silly, go to the Picadilly!”
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Grape and Wine Festival
Coronation of the wine queen, firework show on the banks of the Moselle, show band parade, folkloric procession - Grevenmacher is upside down!
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Riesling Open
The Riesling weekend of open wine cellars
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© Syndicat d'initiative Schengen
Schengen invites to the traditional “Hunnefeier”, which marks the end of the annual grape harvest!
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D'Miselerland brennt - Distillery day
D'Miselerland brennt - Distillery day
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Wine Taste Enjoy
The Pentecost open wine cellars weekend along the entire Moselle river of Luxembourg
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