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From the Romans to the European Union

The Moselle region has a rich cultural heritage, from the Romans to the European Union. Stroll through the charming winegrowing villages, discover Gallo-Roman sites and remains of the Romans who marked the region over 2000 years ago on the "Roman Road". The Moselle is partly situated on the European Liberation Route, the transnational memorial that connects the places of remembrance of the Second World War.

The region's 7 museums offer a wide variety of topics, ranging from aviation and life in the past to the history of printing in Luxembourg and, of course, wine. In Schengen, where the agreement of the same name was signed in 1985, you can lean all about the epic history of the European Union and the beginning of free movement in Europe at the European Museum.

Moselle's cultural sites

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  • "Gallo-Roman site" Dalheim
    Large vicus on the Roman road
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  • "Gallo-Roman site" Lellig
    Remains of a Gallo-Roman funeral enclosure
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    "Wormer Koeppchen"
    "Wormer Koeppchen"
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  • Aviation Museum
    Aviation technology past and present
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  • © Uli Fielitz
    Biodiversum - Nature Reserve Haff Réimech
    Nature meets futuristic architecture
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  • Circular Church
    Circular Church
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  • European Museum Schengen
    Experience the European spirit in Schengen!
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  • Kulturhuef Museum
    Luxembourg museum of the printing press and playing cards
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  • Markusbierg & Markustuerm
    Markusbierg & Markustuerm
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  • © VisitLuxembourg
    Monument "Schengen Agreement"
    In Schengen, the M2000 monument on the banks of the Moselle near the "Centre Européen" commemorates the construction of the "House of Europe".
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Via mosel' - Wine & architecture

Discover the most beautiful wine estates and villages in the borderless Moselle valley - carefully selected for the quality of their hospitality and their outstanding historic and modern architecture. Sample the very best wines in the Moselle, enjoy accommodation in stunning surroundings, explore the region’s wealth of authentic winemakers’ houses and admire the latest architectural trends. These are just some of the highlights that await you in the borderless Moselle Valley.

Cep d'Or
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