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Wine events of the Moselle region

“Kättchen, Kättchen, bréng mer nach e Pättchen, vun der Musel a soss keen.
Ei, wéi schmaacht mir dee Kadettchen, t 'ass en Drank fir Brosch a Been.”

Willy Goergen, 19-20 c.

The “Miseler” (the locals) like to celebrate and have always done so! At traditional wine and grape festivals, you will witness the convivial atmosphere and the local joie de vivre while you get to know the classical, folkloric songs of the regions. Become part of this very special atmosphere! The friendly Moselle people will be happy to welcome you into their midst and introduce you to their distilling culture and wine culture around the Crémants and wines of the region in a relaxed atmosphere.

Would you like to meet Luxembourg’s Wine Queen and Luxembourg’s Riesling Queen in person? Together with their respective princesses, you will meet the wine ambassadors at over 70 official events throughout the year in the Grand Duchy and abroad. Don’t be shy! They will be happy to take a photo with you and tell you all about their love for the region and its products.

Find out about the wine festivals in Luxembourg's Moselle region

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