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Distillerie Diedenacker

Where? 9A, Rue Puert, L-5433 Niederdonven

Distillerie Diedenacker

In 1837, Johannes Kass and Barabara Fischer founded a small family business in the "Diedenacker" corridor where the winery and distillery are located today. The distillery, in a smaller form, has existed since 1862 as documented by an old customs receipt. At that time the wine was produced exclusively for sale and the "wine" made from apples (Viz) and pears was used for private purposes. Today the house is in the hands of the sixth generation.

In 2000, the sons of the previous owner, Nicolas Duhr, took over the business. Since tradition cannot flourish without innovation, the sons decided in 2010 to separate the business and to concentrate more on what they had learned. As the agriculture harmonises very well with the distillery, Camille and Mariette decided to concentrate on distilling, but this does not limit the sale of the wine and crémant of the neighbouring house. The main source of income of the agricultural branch is the milk production, with a great herd, including 35 dairy cows of the Holstein breed. The barn and most of the pastures are located directly behind the home house. On the 35 ha of pasture land there are also the high-stem fruit trees dedicated to the production of most of our brandies and liqueurs.

Distillery Diedenacker, the first whisky distillery in Luxembourg. Production of exquisite brandies and liqueurs from local and regional fruit. Tastings on request.

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Saturday30.09.2023 : 08:00 - 17:00
Monday02.10.2023 : 08:00 - 17:00
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Address: Distillerie Diedenacker
9A, Rue Puert
L-5433 Niederdonven
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Phone:+352 26 74 71 08
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